Intrepid Fiber Networks Expands High-Speed Internet to Bloomington, Minnesota

Bringing Connectivity to More Communities: Brookfield-Backed Intrepid Fiber’s Expansion into a Second State


Intrepid Fiber Networks, a national fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) provider, is proud to announce its expansion into Bloomington, Minnesota. This strategic investment aims to provide over 40,000 households and businesses with access to symmetrical multi-gigabit Internet speeds. Intrepid Fiber will continue its valued partnerships with leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver best-in-class FTTP services through its wholesale open-access model. 

Construction began in July 2023, with Minnesotans expected to enjoy ultra-fast Internet as early as December 2023. Multi-gigabit speeds will elevate the quality of life and economic prospects of residents and boost efficiency, foster innovation, and expand the market reach of businesses.  

This is a significant milestone for Intrepid Fiber as it expands beyond its inaugural markets in Pueblo and Northglenn, Colorado. The company remains committed to delivering high-speed, reliable Internet services to its customers, further strengthening its presence in the broadband industry. Over time, Intrepid Fiber will enable multiple ISPs on its Bloomington network, giving consumers and businesses more choice. 

“At Intrepid Fiber, our unwavering commitment is to provide reliable, secure, high-capacity fiber connectivity that empowers communities to thrive in the digital age,” said Jack Waters, CEO of Intrepid Fiber. “We understand that in today’s world, access to fast and dependable Internet is a necessity. With this expansion into Bloomington, we’re focused on delivering high-speed, quality Internet services from multiple ISPs. We’re excited to be a catalyst for economic growth, educational advancement, and enhanced quality of life for the residents of these communities. Our journey has just begun, and we’re eager to see the transformative impact our services will have on the people of Minnesota.” 

About Intrepid Fiber Networks 

Intrepid Fiber Networks collaborates with municipalities to offer last-mile fiber connectivity, enabling consumers to access a wide range of Internet services through its wholesale open-access network. The company’s goal is to deliver world-class fiber to communities throughout the United States to meet the broadband demands of the future. Intrepid Fiber is well-positioned for growth as a part of the Brookfield Infrastructure portfolio. 

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