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Fiber-fast internet

We’re here to help bring fiber-fast Internet service to your multi-family dwelling or community properties.

At Intrepid, our goal is simple: we aim to build the fastest, most reliable connectivity infrastructure for people to access the Internet without limitations.  For multi-family properties, we have a unique approach that makes fiber optic technology a viable and cost-effective reality for property owners, developers, and investors alike.

Multi-family properties can now take advantage of our unique approach that makes fiber optic technology a viable and cost-effective reality for property owners, developers, and investors.

3 Steps to Bring Fiber Home to Your Multi-Family Property

Intrepid makes it easy to connect Multi-Dwelling Units to fast, reliable, fiber optic-enabled Internet. The first connection to make is the one between you and us. 

step 1:

Engage with Us

We want to understand where you are with your current services. We also want to answer any questions you might have about working with us. An initial exploratory call or meeting gets the conversation going.

Engage with Us
Plan with Us
step 2:

Plan with Us

It’s time to get strategic. Together, we develop a connectivity plan that includes a comprehensive assessment, network map, phased installation schedule, and more. The goal here is to have a well-laid blueprint for what’s to come.

step 3:

Execute with Us

Lights, camera, connection—this is when the switch is flipped and your community steps into the modern convenience of connectivity at the speed of light. If there are other ways we can help, from service integration to future expansion, we remain by your side ready to assist you.

Execute with Us

Fiber strands are used to provide access to the Internet from your home, business, or apartment.

Fiber Internet utilizes fiber optic technology to transmit data allowing for significantly higher speeds and bandwidth compared to traditional cable or telephone technology. Fiber technology also reduces signal loss over long distances, making it more reliable and less prone to interference, therefore offering a faster and more stable Internet connection.

It doesn’t matter whether you live 1 mile or 10 miles from our equipment, fiber optic technology transmits constant Internet speeds, unlike Internet service provided over traditional technology.  Fiber Internet is a high-speed connection that uses thin strands of glass to transmit data as pulses of light, offering faster speeds, more reliability, and better performance compared to traditional cable or DSL connections.

Fiber is much faster than anything else available.  Fiber Internet differs from your current Internet connection, such as cable or DSL, in terms of the underlying technology used to transmit data. Fiber-optic cables used in fiber Internet transmit data as light signals, enabling faster speeds, higher bandwidth, and more reliable performance compared to traditional copper-based cables. 

Intrepid Fiber is willing to install fiber because we believe that fiber is the way of the future, and we want to contribute to advancing technology.  We recognize that reliable and fast Internet access is crucial for individuals and communities, regardless of their economic status. By offering installation at no cost to the building, Intrepid Fiber aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone has access to high-quality Internet services. 

As of 2021 multi-family dwellings are no longer allowed to enter exclusive service contracts. The FCC has decided to end the monopoly legacy service providers have had in the past.  The FCC’s no monopoly rule, implemented in 2021, aims to promote competition, protect consumer rights, foster innovation, and provide a level playing field for ISPs.  The FCC’s no monopoly rule for Internet providers is meant to promote competition, protect consumer choice, preserve net neutrality, encourage innovation, and support small businesses.  By ensuring a competitive marketplace, the FCC is working to keep the Internet open and accessible for all users.

Intrepid Fiber operates as an open access fiber network. Open access fiber Internet allows multiple ISPs to offer services to customers. Initially, Intrepid Fiber usually has one anchor ISP that offers service to consumers. Overtime, multiple ISPs will offer service over the Intrepid Fiber network.

We are currently building throughout Colorado and Minnesota. We are growing fast and will be announcing more states soon.

  • We will first perform a site survey to determine the fiber design.
  • The fiber design will be presented to the building for approval. 
  • On your scheduled date we will send our crew out to set the installation process. You will have all the details and timeline laid out for you from the site survey.  
  • Installations may require us to run our fiber throughout the property per the design. This installation may take place on the exterior or the interior of the building to connect to each apartment.  
  • If we need to install any other equipment it will all be laid out in the site survey for you.  
  • In some cases, we can use a structured wiring panel. 
  • As each resident independently orders service, we will coordinate with them to schedule home installations.

Bringing reliable, state-of-the-art fiber connectivity to your property is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Intrepid can show you how easy it is to develop a cost-effective fiber Internet connection plan that adds real value and significantly improves quality of life for your tenants.

Get started now by sharing some basic information about your location. Tell us how to get in touch with you, and we’ll take it from there.

Or, call us at (844) 221-5290 and an IFN representative will be happy to assist you.

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