Boldly Advancing Community Infrastructure

Intrepid is paving the way for the connected, modernized digital infrastructure of tomorrow

Building connections

Through thoughtful engagement with municipal governments and in coordination with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Intrepid is bringing fast, reliable fiber optic connectivity to neighborhoods around the country.

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building connections

Removing barriers

Our team is dedicated to building open-access, residential digital infrastructure that empowers the consumer, enables broadband service competition and connects people to the data and services they need to thrive.

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removing barriers
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Focusing on the future

Today, Americans have access to inferior digital infrastructure compared to most of the modern world. Our mission is to build modern infrastructure that bridges the gap between ISPs, consumers, and the communities they call home.

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Changing the reality

Modernizing last mile data infrastructure is no easy feat. However, by leveraging the power of fiber optic technology and working directly with local municipalities and civic planners, Intrepid is taking the steps necessary to make comprehensive, affordable connectivity a reality.

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chaging the reality

We believe everyone has the right to access the Internet, no matter where they live or their socioeconomic status. Our vision is to become the nation’s most prolific developer of fiber-to-the-home infrastructure.