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What You Can Expect During Fiber Construction

We understand that the installation of fiber in your neighborhood may raise some questions and concerns. We want to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for you.

Construction Timeline

Phase 1 - Pre-Installation
Phase 1 - Pre-Installation


To ensure a smooth construction process and avoid damage to underground utilities, we begin by marking the ground using flags or paint. These service markers indicate the location of other utility lines and are necessary to protect existing services. 

Prior to construction, our survey crews will be in the neighborhood performing site surveys and on-site examinations of the proposed work area, including the ground and utility poles.

Phase 2 - Fiber Installation
Phase 2 - Fiber Installation

Fiber Installation

We use multiple installation techniques tailored to the specific site conditions and our capacity to efficiently serve households while minimizing disruption to the community. Above all, the greatest importance is placed on community and resident safety, which includes both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

We install fiber along the designated route, ensuring proper connectivity and minimal disruption. Installation methods include either attached to existing utility poles or underground within a conduit.


Fiber Installation Fiber Installation

Aerial Installation

  • We attach fiber cable to existing utility poles
  • This method applies in areas with existing overhead structure
  • Installation requires approval from pole owners
  • Includes engineering review of pole loading and structural integrity


Underground Installation Underground Installation

Underground Installation

  • The preferred method is microtrenching
  • The second is direction drilling/boring
  • Installation requires municipal approval and restoration of the work site
  • It includes an engineering review of site conditions and the location of existing utilities
Phase 3 - Clean Up
Phase 3 - Clean Up

Clean up

After installation, we clean up by collecting tools and materials, removing debris, securing cables, sweeping the area, and performing a final inspection. Our goal is to leave the installation area clean and organized, ensuring that the fiber is securely installed and ready
for use.

  • Lightning-fast speeds for streaming, gaming, and quick file transfers
  • Low latency for real-time applications like gaming and video conferencing
  • Greater bandwidth to connect multiple devices without performance loss
  • Reliable connection immune to interference and weather conditions
  • Future-proof technology ready to meet increasing bandwidth demands

Microtrenching is a method for installing conduits and/or fiber optic cables alongside roads or curbs. This process involves a minimally invasive technique where the conduits and cables are placed in a narrow trench, typically measuring 0.5 to 2 inches in width. This approach ensures that the existing infrastructure remains undisturbed and unharmed.

  • Minimally invasive to roadways
  • Faster installation for residents
  • Simpler restoration process
  • Reduced construction debris
  • Decreased conflict with existing utilities
  • Fewer traffic restrictions to motorists, as vehicles are able to drive over trench during construction progress

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