How We Construct

Intrepid Fiber Networks utilizes multiple installation techniques. These methods are applied based on existing site conditions, ability to service homes efficiently, and to minimize the impacts to the community. Above all things, the safety of the community, including vehicle and pedestrian traffic, is treated with the highest level of importance.

Our installation methods include:

Aerial Installation

  • Intrepid will attach fiber cable to existing utility poles
  • This method applies in areas with existing overhead structure
  • Installation requires approval from pole owners
  • Includes engineering review of pole loading and structural integrity

Underground Installation

  • Intrepid’s primary methods for underground installation are direction drilling / boring and microtrenching
  • Installation requires municipal approval and inspection as well as restoration of the work site
  • Includes engineering review of site conditions and location of existing utilities

What is Microtrenching?

Microtrenching is the process of installing conduits and/or fiber optic cables within a roadway or curb line. By utilizing a minimally invasive installation method, the facilities are placed into the ground into a narrowly cut trench without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.

Benefits of microtrenching include:

  • Minimally invasive to roadways
  • Faster installation for residents
  • Simpler restoration process
  • Reduced construction debris
  • Decreased conflict with existing utilities
  • Less traffic restrictions to motorists, as vehicles are able to drive over trench during construction progress